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(25) Skye is the quintessential ‘Urban Indian’ a Cree/Metís who moves easily between white and Native cultures. She is beautiful  sexy, even with the self-assured, graceful walk of an athlete, which she is. Encouraged to learn self defense by her dad, she took to it with a vengeance after he died. Her primary martial arts is Kung Fu, and is learning two or three other martial arts disciplines, earning a 1st Dan black belt in Karate already. She also practices parkour a highly acrobatic form of running  because the best defense is escaping from trouble. If pushed, she will fight and will probably win. As a kid, she hated playground bullies and was tough and fearless in taking them on to protect herself or other kids. In fact that is how she met Emily Chang  who was once the local bully. 
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Sera-Lys McArthur

(26) Emily Chang is cool and urbane, even though she grew up poor, just a step up from the streets. She was a refugee from China, and didn’t grow up with her family. In Vancouver, a distant relative, who also happened to be a Chinatown Gambler (with a few criminal connections), took her in. The Gambler treated her well, gave her a home and got her used to danger by training her in martial arts and sending her to tournaments and competitions at a young age – but he did his best to keep his criminal activities from intruding into her childhood. When the Gambler got killed, Chang decided it was better to find a new life. Along the way, she discovered her real father, running a small Chinese medicine store on Keefer Street. She has a friendly, but somewhat distant relationship with her father.

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Olivia Cheng

(Chinese 35/40) Detective Lee is not of this world. He is a Universal Lawman, sent by the Universe to check up on the Earth experiment. He’s here to record what has become of the germ of life/light sent here, and he’s concerned when he discovers it has mutated and may kill itself off. But he’s also detected some ‘alien energy’.
Detective Lee is particularly interested in those human individuals who have ‘powers’, for instance, those who aren’t constrained by mundane linear ‘time’, but can play with it, move back and forward in it. In simple terms all humans can do this, when they ‘have a memory’ or ‘fantasize about some possible future’, but Time-Slippers can slip out of this moment and ‘appreciate’ other moments before and after now. 
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James Tsai

Rachel Colwell


(20) is the missing scientist’s beautiful daughter whose spirit is pure gold. She risked her life to find her Dad when he went underground to hide from corporate interests out to censor the information Dr. Aki had found out about the toxic waste dumping.

Kisik went underground, getting a job where her Dad was working and she uncovered more than she could ever imagine. She decided to steal the data and reveal it to the world, but she has been on the run from the Corporation ever since. The only place she thought she could go and not be found out was to Vancouver to someone called Skye Daniels. It seems her father had Skye’s name in his papers.

Kisik is brave almost to the point of being foolhardy but she is driven to find her father and now, save the world.

Kisik is an interesting mix of Indonesian Dayak and Cree and some Irish along the way.

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(23) Max is Skye’s friend, a Métis from Alberta. He’s smart, quick witted and very alternative, even studying science for revolutionary reasons. He’s handsome in a geeky way. He also has a voice of a tenor – able to sing anything from forty-niner pow-wow songs to Howlin’ Wolf – though he favours hip-hop, Cree fusion R&B. He’s studying chemistry, biology, ethno-botany, astronomy, physics and computer science – and he’s good at them all.

Max has a secret crush on Skye, which he acted on with uncomfortable results for both of them. In fact there is a lingering tension now between them. Besides, Max is tired of Skye’s inability to be a get close romantically. He admires that Skye will fight for any injustice but he can’t understand why she pretends she doesn’t need anybody. Lately Max has been making a play for Chang – because he likes experienced women.

Now that Skye and Chang have opened their businessSkye and Chang Security and Martial Arts”, Max likes to help them out. He can give them info on all sorts of arcane stuff – like explosives, bugs, and plants. He won’t tell them anything that would seriously hurt anyone – just slow them down. And he acts like an amateur forensic expert, deciphering clues.



Jaren Bartlett