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SKYE & CHANG is a drama series that combines flying kung fu kicks with head-spinning global conspiracies. Bodyguards to the glitterati, Skye and Chang may have clients who arrive by private jet to the shiny city of Vancouver, but our heroes’ hearts and homes will always be in Chinatown – where they both grew up. At first, Skye and Chang use superior martial and mental arts to defend the underdogs of their ‘hood, but they soon find they have a greater calling – to save the world.

The series combines action, crime, sci-fi, and female buddy drama to create a unique hybrid. Each episode incorporates elements of the mystery procedural, as our heroes are drawn into stand-alone stories to solve crimes – often with the other-worldly help of Detective Lee, a mysterious Star Man sent to protect the earth. And one of our heroes has special powers: With its roots in Aboriginal worldview, Skye Daniels is not constrained by linear time: she can ‘Time-Slip’.

But the gift comes with a potentially dreadful price. When activist Kisik Aki shows up seeking their help to stop a secret society’s plans to kill millions through strategic. man-made “natural” disasters, Skye and Chang find themselves opposing forces of immense destructive power.

Skye’s abilities may help them solve crimes and save their clients, but the secret society wants to control her so they can use her powers to their own end. Skye and Chang soon accept they may have to sacrifice everything sacred to them, including their lives, to save us all. Still, nothing will ever break the bond between them. And if they must go out it will be together, effortlessly and gracefully kicking butt.


Series Creator / Writer : Loretta Sarah Todd

Loretta Sarah Todd is a Cree/Metis/White writer and director. Known for lyrical imagery combined with strong storytelling skills, Todd tells truths that are haunting, funny, and real. What makes Todd an exceptional filmmaker is her imagination and fearlessness. She has attended the Sundance Writer’s Lab, directed many films and festivals, and written essays with tersely cogent remarks or flamboyantly theoretical analysis. Her many awards and accolades include the Rockefeller Fellowship to New York University and Hot Docs Festival’s Best History Documentary (2003).

Todd created, produced, and sometimes directed Tansi! Nehiyawetan, a children’s series on APTN that combines storytelling, music videos, games, and adventures, all in the service of learning the Cree language. Recently, Todd created, produced, directed, and wrote Skye and Chang, a sci-fi/martial arts mash-up set in Vancouver. Selected credits include Kainayssini Imanistaisiwa - The People Go On, Today is a Good Day: Remembering Chief Dan George, Forgotten Warriors, Hands of History, and The Learning Path. (Photo by Alex Waterhouse Hayward)

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